Ready-Made Employment Contracts, Letters Forms

Ready-Made Employment Contracts, Letters Forms

[Read now] Ready-Made Employment Contracts, Letters Forms

Book Note : Ready-Made Employment Contracts, Employment Letters Employment Forms is an invaluable resource for any business.It provides “ready-to-use” employment contracts, employment letters and employment forms that make personnel records simple to administer and compliant with the latest employment law.As employment law and codes of practice increasingly affect the workplace, good, efficient, personnel record-keeping is essential for any employer, large or small.Ready-made Employment Contracts Letters Forms provides templates that make the job easier and quicker.It provides nearly 200 essential personnel template documents that are “ready to use” for all personnel situations from recruitment to the termination of employment contract.Ready-made employment contracts, employment letters and employment forms are provided for:Recruitment and Hiring (including advertising, interviewing and references)Employee Introduction and Management (including new employees, personnel management and temporary workers)Employment Terms (including employment contracts and procedures, payroll and working hours)Employment Benefits and Leave (including expenses, benefits and Paid/Unpaid LeaveJob Performance Evaluation (including disciplinary action, staff evaluation and staff grievances)Termination of Employment Contract (including dismissal, and redundancy)What better way to legally document your important personnel records, avoid troublesome disputes, enforce your legal rights, comply with legal obligations and avoid liability without the inconvenience or cost of using an employment law solicitor?Ready-Made Employment Contracts, Employment Letters Employment Forms can be used by both non-profit-making and profit-making businesses to document employee turnover, salaries and policies.It will be particularly useful to time-starved small and medium-sized businesses, which can now easily keep up-to-date, accurate and valuable personnel records.If you want to just get it done, and then get on with your business, Ready-Made Employment Contracts, Employment Letters Employment Forms is the essential book for you.

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